The Sound Spa is the perfect solution for a group to relax, rewind and ultimately reanimate itself even; as it eases the pace a bit and embraces the music of different instruments. While the sounds are multiple, the aim is singular: to help the participants become the best version of themselves. A sound and solid solution to be sure!

Benefits & Salient Features  

  • Sound Baths help facilitate a shift in the state of brainwaves.
  • Supports deep relaxation where stress release and 'balancing' can occur.
  • A gentle yet powerful re-patterning of vibrations for the mind and body.
  • Can be facilitated with just 3 people and a at location of your convenience
  • Sounds are produced by using instruments with different frequencies, such as the frame drum, Biosonic tuning forks, gong, Himalayan singing bowl, ocean drum, chimes, and voice.
  • The frequencies induce deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind and intuition.