This is a 2 day exploratory course that is both intensive as well as extensive, showing you how to delve deep into the world of music, movement and sound to emerge as new.

This program focuses on gentle and intensive exploration, allowing the participants to make a deeper connection with the self, understanding oneself better and trusting one's intuitive ability.

At the end of the workshop, participants learn different practices to tap into their body's inner wisdom and create a better relationship with the self .This paves the way for better and deeper relationships and more authenticity in communication.

Benefits & Salient Features  

  • Understanding the science of "Naad" sound vibration and it's effect on human behaviour
  • Understanding and working with body rhythms (Breath work)
  • Energy balancing practices with movement and sound
  • Meditation and sounding practices
  • Creative movement therapy
  • Music and processing emotion
  • Empathy and sensitivity to others
  • Trusting your intuitive ability