One-one one sound healing sessions are the perfect reward for exceptional performers or simply a team mate who needs a rejuvenating break. A personalized healing session leverages the soothing effect and innate prowess of sound waves to help a participant delve deep into their own self and emerge all the more refreshed, energized, happy and focused at the end of it. A treat for the body, mind and soul to be sure !


  • A typical session lasts about 90-120 mins in which the participant will be seated initially and then laying down for the remainder of the session.
  • The session begins with a centering meditation,followed by a sound bath.
  • Sound Baths help facilitate a shift in the state of brainwaves.Sounds are produced by using instruments with different frequencies, such as the storm drum, water chime, Tibetan singing bowl and voice.
  • In the latter half of the session, bowls are placed and played all around your body, near your head and on your Chakras (energy centers) and played
  • The frequencies induce deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind and intuition.
  • Support deep relaxation where stress release and 'balancing' occur.
  • A gentle yet powerful re-patterning of vibrations for the mind and body.